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Annuncicom Family


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Annuncicom Family

Barix Annuncicom IP Intercom Technology

IP Intercom devices for bidirectional transmission of high quality audio, contact closures and serial data over IP networks The Annuncicom IP Intercom products are embedded, reliable, IP-enabled audio devices which can be used in applications such as IP-based paging systems, Intercom systems, general IP Audio distribution, and stored audio/message player applications.

Common hardware features:
Typical software features:
Software applications available:
Various application-specific firmware packages with different feature sets are available and
can be installed on Annuncicom devices.
Here is an incomplete list of available firmware packages:

Documentation and Downloads


Videos to Barix products

youtube  Barix Exstreamer to Remote AM Part 15 Transmitter
youtube  Barix Reflector - STL over IP with Exstreamer 500 in Minutes
youtube  Barix basic exstreamer markets
youtube  How to connect a Barix Exstreamer
youtube  Barix retail radio
youtube  Barix public address and audio paging
youtube  InStreaming With Barix

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